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If you have volunteers working for your organisation, have you thought about who will compensate them if they have an accident while they are working for you?

Because volunteers may not be eligible for cover under workers compensation, their income or medical expenses may not be covered if they are hurt while working. So it's important that you ensure your volunteer workforce is protected against the potential financial loss that injuries can bring them.

Alliance understands the important role volunteers play, so we have designed an insurance policy that provides cover for expenses resulting from minor or serious injuries that people who are performing volunteer work may suffer while under your control.

Policy benefits and entitlements:

  • Lump sum payments for death and permanent disabilities from accidents
  • Home help payment due to injuries for non-income earning persons
  • Covered losses are insured for up to 12 months after the accident
  • Tutorial benefit payment for full-time students who are injured

Coverage sections of the policy:

  • Accidental death
  • Broken bones due to injury
  • Temporary total disablement due to accident
  • Permanent and partial disability due to accident

Download Proposal Form (236kB PDF)